• Play Everything.

    We've formulated the ultimate utilitarian media system using premium components, design and universal device integration that will enhance, and simplify all your entertainment needs.

  • The Latest Audio Video Technology

    4K and Atmos Ready.

    Watch your 4K library in any room or listen to your music all over your home. Invite your friends for a party and play music across your home, or enjoy dinner time with the perfect mood music, all controlled through your smart phone or tablet.

    Multi-Room audio and video distribution using devices you already own such as streaming boxes, gaming consoles, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and many more.

    • High Definition 7.1 Audio
    • Supports AC-3, AAC, Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio formats
    • Bitstream TrueHD and DTS-HD
    • Universal remote control App (Multi-room and single room)
    • THE Multi-Room audio and video distribution system
    • Trissa G
    • Trissa G
    • Get the Dolby Cinema experience.

      Dolby Vision transforms your cinema and TV viewing experiences with astonishing brightness, contrast, and color.

      Dolby Atmos for the home brings the ultimate cinema sound experience to your home theater to create powerful, moving audio that flows around you.

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  • Organization perfection.

    Your movie library has never looked so good!

    Whether it’s a classic kids’ movie or that guilty pleasure you’ve watched a million times, This system organizes all the movies and shows in your collection beautifully and makes it easy to find what you want to watch, on any device, in any room.Forget scrolling through your entire media collection trying to decide what to play next. The system remembers where you left off on your favorite TV series, gives you effortless search options, and reminds you about artists you haven’t listened to in ages, all while giving you trailers, extras, and music videos.

    • Eradicate physical media! Eliminate clutter from shelves. No more scratched or misplaced discs.
    • Not sure what to watch? Search by actor, year, genre, and more to find and re-discover great gems in your collection. See recently added or released films, or continue watching something you started earlier.
    • Automatically see high quality movie trailers, cast interviews, and other extras for movies in your library.
    • Recommendations and discovery.
    • Parental controls help keep the kiddos away from stuff they shouldn’t see. Or, if you have several people under the same roof, give them each their own managed account.

    Organize your media chaos.

    Have a ton of photos scattered all over the place? A big music library that you’d love to be able to listen to at work or the gym? A huge collection of movies to watch when you finally find the time? Never fear, the power of Plex is here! Plex organizes your media, makes your collections look great, and makes it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for.

    • Wife Approved
  • Kodi does it.


    So much better than a pile of DVDs on a shelf. Kodi brings your movie collection to life with artwork, cast genres and more.

    TV Shows

    Perfect for binge watching or the occasional catch up on your favourite show. Kodi keeps all your tv organised like nothing else.


    Your music collection has never looked this good! Support for almost every format, playlists, party mixes and more.


    Kodi is the best way to share your photos on the biggest screen in the house or maybe just some wall candy with a personal slideshow.

    • kodi media player
    • Engineered to take full advantage of the worlds most advanced media player.

      Audio and Video Add-Ons let you stream internet content, Skins allow you to change the look and experience of the interface, Programs and Services provide helpful tools while Web interfaces are for controlling Kodi remotely. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Kodi is the ultimate entertainment center software. It plays almost every kind of media you can find and it looks great while doing it!
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  • Your entire media library in your pocket.

    Enjoy your media anywhere and on all your devices.

    All your movie, TV show, music and photo collections at you fingertips, anywhere you go on all the devices you love.

    We make it possible to enjoy all of your media, whether in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, the car, or on a boat in the South Pacific!

    • Effortlessly connect to all of your favorite local and online content, all presented seamlessly on your iOS, Android and Windows devices.
    • Mobile Sync lets you sync movies, music, and photos to your mobile device for offline enjoyment wherever your life may take you. Whether you are in the air, underground, or in the middle of the ocean, you will be able to access whatever you synced before you got there.
    • Enjoy your media while away from home, knowing your connection is securely encrypted. Privacy and Security made effortless.
    • Expand your media universe by sharing. Effortlessly share libraries among friends to all discover and enjoy even more content together.
    • Easily pick and choose what to share with family and friends, giving everyone access to all your favorite stuff. Now it’s simple to share vacation photos of the kids with grandma across the pond, show off your mad GoPro videos with your friends, or flaunt that music collection that you’ve been carefully curating.
    • Share anything on your home system from your smartphone, tablet, or computer to your location for large screen viewing via Chromecast or Airplay.
    • Wirelessly sync your phone and tablet photos and videos automatically to your Plex Media Server at home, where they remain private and secure.
    • Use the Plex app on your phone or tablet to control any Plex player.
    • Georgia R
    • Our systems have Plex setup and ready to go.

      Our configuration gives you a slick, configurable way to play your media in your home theater. Kodi AV settings enable powerfully advanced knob twisting and lever sliding to fine tune playback for a customized viewing experience! With the Plex for Kodi add-on, you get the Kodi experience for your big screen, powered by Plex Media Server, and enabling you to organize and access your beautiful media on any device, anywhere, anytime. Rip a Blu-Ray with one click in Kodi and it will automatically show up in your Plex Library. We give you the Best of both worlds!
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  • Home Surveillance

Our Partners

You deserve nothing but the best. We partner with over 24 leading vendors.

  • Control 4
  • Lutron
  • Bower and Wilkins
  • Krell
  • Rotel
  • Parasound
  • Denon
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Sony
  • Apple
  • Roku
  • Sonos
  • URC
  • Just Add Power
  • altona
  • Luxul
  • Epson
  • Definitive Technology
  • Sonance
  • Marantz
  • Nest
  • Boston Acoustics
  • Sanus
  • Screen Innovations
  • Honeywell
  • Savant
  • Logitech
  • Qmotion
  • Legrand
  • Upgradable and Futureproof.

    Economical and Inviting through Intuitive Control

    State-of-the-art servers featuring dynamic disk pooling, redundancy and monitoring. Pro-grade for when performance is a must and data loss not an option.  LEARN MORE

    Fully functional Windows 10 computers that can serve HD media files to other computers / devices on a network as well as store photo albums and play other media files.  These systems can also play all the latest games, run your surveillance software, home automation software, run all other Windows software, and access weather forecasts, online radio streams, TV schedule, webcam, etc... 

    • plex media server
    • We know media servers!

      We specialize in building the the highest quality HTPC's using the latest premium components. Our systems allow you to easily store all your media digitally in the highest quality and access it throughout your home or anywhere easily across all your devices.


Your tailor-made solution starts here.

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    Lets Discuss

    We are all movie, music and game enthusiests here! Drop us a line. We can help you design the ultimate entertainment system tailored to your vision or chat about the upcoming Han Solo movies! We specialize in designing the most capable system that compliments your existing gear. We can deliver the system that checks everything on your wishlist while still matching your lifestyle and budget.

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    Plan your Smart Home

    Start small; perhaps an entertainment set-up for your family room, a system to preserve an aging DVD or even videotape collection , or a way to share movies that need to be seen by people in your life. Our systems can be upgraded for years to come.

    Or, go big from the start and automate your entire home. If you know what you need, why not get it all at once? We are always happy to collaberate with anyone involved in your home entertainment project.

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    Guarantee and Support

    Our systems carry a year warranty and up to 5 years on select core components. We are always available to advise and assist with setup and configuration. We offer free remote login assistance.